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About Unapologetic

Unapologetic by name, unapologetic by nature.

We don’t follow the rules. In fact, we never opened the rule book in the first place.

We take what you think you know. We give it a twist, and make it our own.

We are who we are.

We celebrate originality, we embrace creativity.

From every corner of the globe, we seek the wonderous and the magical to spark your curiosity and illuminate your surrounds.

Why conform when you can inspire?

Be you.

Be unapologetic


Unapologetically, we only produce 9 designs of any of our concepts.

The number 9 is the last of the single-digit numbers in our base-ten counting system, and represents the end of the cycle. Ancient mathematical philosophers called it the “finishing post” and the ancient Greeks called it “the horizon.” It’s unsurpassable, and represents the uppermost limit of what can be discovered and expressed inside of our human experience.

Numerically, the number 9 contains every other number that has come before it. So symbolically, the number 9 is the container for all worldly experiences.

The number 9 is also made up of the sacred trinity, thrice (3 x 3), which gives it additional sacred power, underscoring its spiritual significance. When something is repeated 3 times, its potency is increased. When it’s repeated 3×3 times, its power is ultimate!

The 9 is also regarded as widely tolerant, loving and compassionate, though the love that it offers tends to be expressed as universal, rather than romantic – the number 9 has a widely humanitarian edge.

“Nine-ness” seems to be synonymous with the maximum, think the saying “On cloud 9”, the furthest extent of what’s possible.

In the ancient world the number 9 resonated with sacred structure, and the furthest limitations of this world, before human experience meets the Divine. Perhaps more than any other, the number 9 had an extra special significance, which spread far and wide. It features across many cultures, worldwide, rippling through mythology, history, law and time.

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