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The Unapologetic Cushion

Unapologetically Perfect...

We bring to you the Le Monde range, an exclusive selection of luxury silk cushions to enhance your space with clever pops of texture and colour. When designing a look and styling any room, a set of thoughtfully curated cushions is the key to creating a stunning visual impact. The Le Monde range does exactly that. Beautifully crafted and available in six decadent colours, our Frida-inspired silk cushions add personality and an exotic essence.

Le Monde cushions will bring that elusive sense of wanderlust and passion to your home.

Essence of Style

Made from luxurious French fabrics, the Le Monde range lends artistic expression to your style approach. Arranged on couches or chairs, they draw the viewer in and build on a larger canvas. There’s nothing like sinking into a set of comfortable soft cushions when visiting a home to feel welcomed and appreciated.

Available in an exclusive set of six, the Le Monde set offers a bold design choice. They can be paired together in textures and patterns or blocked to coordinate with a variety of furnishings, for an eclectic and fun approach. Presented in indigo, rust, soft wash charcoal and off-white patterns the cushions can be curated, layered and arranged for an overall chic and special effect.

Placement makes all the difference, and the Le Monde soft and tactile fabrics add a sense of luxury, and are a brilliant way to include vibrancy and luxe appeal to a space. They easily lift a monochromatic theme and draw out underlying tones to maximise a décor affect.

Choosing a beautiful cushion invests your individual space with warmth and comfort. Overall, they work as appealing accents, brighten an uninspiring room and bring attention to otherwise neglected areas. Contrasting textures and patterns create textile stories that make a room sparkle with interest.

Who doesn’t need that little bit of je ne sais quois when a decorating task is complete, yet there’s still something that’s not quite right? Imagine what the perfect look could be, unapologetically yourself and free to self-express with the Le Monde range, French and fabulous, unique and distinctive.

An exquisite set of cushions is the finishing touch to an interior that speaks about balance and form, and gives the ability to emphasise the carefully selected pieces in your space. They are the décor essentials that visually expand considered interior design.

The Le Monde cushion range from Unapologetic has been chosen and designed to influence both dimension and depth by referencing classic patterns and natural elements.

Include them in any theme you desire to open up a room using exclusive colours and design principles.

Plump Unapologetic Frida-inspired cushions create an individual, passionate and luxe look for your home.

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Granite Rust

Deep butterscotch silk fabric adorned with a softening and elemental organic geometric.

Granite Pearl

Dark cream silk fabric complements and illuminates with an organic geometric.

Fusain Shimmer

A fall of dusky charcoal silk combines with an abstract wash.

Golden Key

A defined classic pattern on a creamy background is chic and precise.

Indian Diamond

The silky cool and white diamond texture is comfortable and inviting.

Crystal Indigo

Rich and deep, sensuous indigo silk grounds an entire look.


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